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Salted Caramel

The Nim-Nums family is growing with a brand new flavour!
With the salted caramel cookie dough bites, no need to choose between sweet and salty, we have the perfect snack for all tastes.
These bites of joy are now available for a limited time in every IGA, Voisin and Boni-Soir convenience stores.
This summer, it will definitely be the bag to keep close to you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ideal to share around a fire, after a swim or during a board game night!


A small world of delight

Nim-Nums are mythical little beings made of joy and raw cookie dough to eat. Ready to eat, they will become your new ultimate snack for all occasions!

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The Cookie Bluff Craze

From a flash of genius to lab testing to distribution across Canada, Cookie Bluff beats all odds. Take a look at the entertaining and unbelievable story of two epicureans who want to change the world, one jar of cookie dough at a time!

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