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For the love of raw cookie dough

Cookie Bluff is the incredible story of two friends from Quebec on a trip to New York. After waiting three hours for a cookie dough cone, Sébastien Fiset and Charles Simard have a genius idea: to market the very first cookie dough to eat raw, 100% safe, 100% decadent.

Back home, they set off head first on this fun and unlikely adventure. Hours and hours of research later, with around sixty laboratory recipe tests, they’ve finally won their bet!

In just one year, Cookie Bluff has revolutionized the way to eat raw cookie dough without health risks. The absolutely amazing flavors are now available in more than 2,500 outlets across Canada. It is even said that Cookie Bluff will soon make its debut in the United States and in Europe … Which goes to show the magic of believing in our dreams can allow us to accomplish great things!

Cookie Bluff : a story that has some bite

The secret is in the raw cookie dough!

  1. May 2018
    The spectacular start of Cookie Bluff in Quebec!
  2. Summer 2018
    Cookie Bluff seduces all of Quebec.
  3. January 2019
    A new flavor makes its debut: Cookies and cream.
  4. March 2019
    Cookie Bluff launches the limited edition Crunchy Egg flavor, for Easter.
  5. June 2019
    The Campfire / S'mores cookie dough is coming!
  6. September 2019
    A new flavor is offered in a limited edition: Salted Caramel.
  7. October 2019
    The Cookie Bluff Café opens at the Galeries de la Capitale.
  8. December 2019
    You can’t resist the new Red Velvet Cake flavor!
  9. February 2020
    The limited edition Crunchy Egg flavor is back for Easter.
  10. April 2020
    Cookie Bluff makes a splash on the TV show Dans l’œil du dragon!
  11. May 2020
    The Cookie Bluff Café delivers to Quebec City with Uber Eats.
  12. June 2020
    The limited edition Cookie Monster flavor takes all of Canada by storm!
  13. September 2020
    Cookie Bluff gets a makeover with new 3D labels.
  14. September 2020
    Cookie Bluff goes all out with the Pumpkin Spice flavor!
  15. November 2020
    Cookie Bluff charms Nestlé to create the limited edition Smarties flavor.
  16. April 2021
    Cookie Bluff's website gets even more mouth-watering!
  17. August 2021
    Launch of a new range of products: Nim-Nums
  18. October 2023
    Launch of the new Nim-Nums limited-edition flavor : Monster Cookies

Edible raw cookie dough is serious business!

Quality ingredients

From heat-treated wheat flour to the finest chocolate, we don't mess with the quality of the ingredients. No palm oil or artificial flavors. Even mom and grandma approve!

The art of reinventing ourselves

It's all about research, discovery and intuition. Our team spends a lot of time trying new flavors for you! In short, at Cookie Bluff, we are not satisfied with what already exists. We constantly want to amaze you.

Food safety above all

Isn't eating raw cookie dough dangerous for your health? Not with Cookie Bluff. All of our recipes are created and tested in a laboratory. We are proud to allow you to consume a product that is 100% safe, one production after the other!

Real agents of happiness

If Cookie Bluff is so popular, it’s thanks to you. We love reading your messages and seeing photos of your delicious recipes. Thank you for helping us spread happiness, one spoon at a time!

Impossible to resist

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