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Pauline : Desserts ready-to-bake

Pauline comes from the desire to give a product range of premium pastries and desserts ready-to-bake.

Having revolutionized the cookie dough industry, we had the desire to add a touch of modernity and quality to our childhood desserts.

Our company has decided in 2022 to launch a completely decadent new sub-range, this time revolutionizing the products that our grandmothers have always cooked for us.

Pauline is a signature of quality, a promise that all our products are approved by the most strict judges, our grand-mothers.

Picture of Sébastien Fiset (Cookie Bluff’s president) and his grandmother Pauline Giguère.

Our Flavours

Decadent brownies

A moist and chocolaty bite for a decadent experience. Succumb to our ready-to-bake brownies mix. You’ll never want to come back.

Sugars (Sugar, Brown sugar), enriched wheat flour, chocolate chunk (unsweetened chocolate, dextrose, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), cocoa, salt, natural flavour. Contains : Wheat, Soy. Contains : Wheat, Milk.
Nutrition Facts

Fudge chocolate

An inevitable classic that will charm your guests during your birthday parties. Either with a cupcake or a cake, your family is going to love that chocolate mix.

Sugar, Enriched wheat flour, Cocoa, Buttermilk powder, Natural flavour, Baking soda, Baking powder, Salt, Coffee fines. Contains: Wheat, Milk.
Nutrition Facts

Vanilla bean

Real vanilla beans that's going to surprise your taste buds with its perfect vanilla flavour. An inevitable to have in your pantry. Just add a fruity touch, a chocolate icing or a vanilla icing and that’s it!

Sugar, enriched wheat flour, buttermilk powder, baking powder, soybean oil, natural flavour, salt, xanthan gum, vanilla seeds. Contains: Wheat, Milk.
Nutrition Facts

Carrots & spices

Carrots, raisins, pineapple…the perfect combination to remind you of your grandma’s carrot cake. This cake is going to please young and old alike. Try it with our vanilla bean buttercream icing, it’s DIVINE.

Enriched wheat flour, sugars (sugar, brown sugar), dehydrated carrots, raisins (contain soybean oil), buttermilk powder, baking soda, baking powder, dehydrated pineapple, salt, spices. Contains: Wheat, Milk, Soy
Nutrition Facts

Fudge chocolate icing

What’s better than a chocolate icing!? Created with cacao and butter, it's the icing by excellence to add to your favorite desserts. In addition to being simple to make, it will be the perfect addition to all your delicious creations.

Icing sugar, Cacao, Natural flavour.
Nutrition Facts

Vanilla bean Icing

Creamy and smooth vanilla mix that only contains real quality ingredients.

Icing sugar, Natural flavour, Vanilla beans, Salt.
Nutrition Facts


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