About us

Our story starts

with a friendship

Cookie Bluff was born from a crazy adventure that two friends started. Their mission? To revolutionize the way people eat cookies. Sébastien Fiset and Charles Simard, two epicureans, always whipped up and enjoyed suppers that would last until the wee hours of the morning. In fact, they decided to make cookie dough that could be eaten raw while waiting three hours to buy a cookie dough ice cream cone in New York City. After seeing the incredible buzz around the ice cream, they were immediately convinced that their idea would become a huge hit. And what could be more fun that eating raw (and safe!) cookie dough? All that was left to do was find the recipe, test it and retest it…

Food safety


Unfortunately, the joy of eating raw cookie dough was, for a long time, associated with health risks. But with Cookie Bluff, food safety concerns are a thing of the past!

Eating raw cookie dough has never been as safe as with Cookie Bluff. And we mean business:

  • Our recipes are created and tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory. We make over 60 recipes each to achieve the perfect result. We don’t fool around!
  • Each of our recipes is certified safe. When it leaves our kitchens, it is good to go—and enjoy
  • We conduct bacteriological analyses for each type of cookie dough. Our goal? To lick our cookie dough containers clean without an ounce of worry.

100% certified safe – 100% fun

Values that appeal to everyone’s hearts and taste buds


We love suppers with the family and playing with our nieces and nephews. Our products are perfect for quality time with loved ones.


We make people happy, one cookie dough recipe at a time. We don’t take ourselves too seriously because life is too short not to have fun!


We love love love nature. And that’s why we make eco-friendly and sustainable choices, whether for our ingredients, packaging or production methods.