Cookie Bluff Poke Bowls

  • 2 containers of Cookie Bluff cookie dough Birthday cake flavor
  • 1.5 tasses sushi rice
  • 1.5 tasses english custard
  • Fresh fruits
  • Portions


Étape 1

Cook the rice as indicated on the package (I cooked 1.5 cups of rice for 6 poke).

Étape 2

Add 1.5 cups english custard to rice and stir 2-3 times over 10 minutes.
The rice recipe for poke dessert comes from Genevieve Everell’s Poke book.

Étape 3

Add fresh fruits toping

Étape 4

On the fruits, add your favorite Cookie Bluff cookie dough (for the undecided, see can add more than one kind, it is allowed).


Recette et photos par Stéphanie Dion
Instagram : @stephididi

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